It says something about you,

your favorite Taylor Swift song. Well, actually, it may not. I dunno for sure. I do know for sure that it DOES say something about you, though, if you don't have a favorite Taylor Swift song at all and it's that there is a great, wide schism in who we are as people. But that's ok, heartless freak.

Long Live is my favorite. At the least, it gives me chills when I'm feeling fine. At the most, it makes me cry when I'm feeling sad. Or happy. Really, when I'm feeling any way at all that song can make me tear up. Lyrically, it combines two of my favorite things; friendship and nostalgia. Musically, it's big and grand and evocative - some other things I dig in a song. It's a tribute to her bandmates - a happy look back at their beginnings together and their first taste of success. She's proud of their professional accomplishments but also feels the enormity of being a part of a team and experiencing those all-too-infrequent transcendent life moments with people you've grown to care about. We all have those moments - maybe not on a stage, maybe not winning awards (pause. at least not yet.) - and they're so good and so rare and you better pay attention and make sure you get the details because this is a Moment.

Mmm...the last one I can remember is at the beach this summer with a group of friends and their two toddling daughters. The little ones had just had a bath and we were all sitting around the table while the dusk settled into evening outside....finishing up dinner, drinking wine and talking. Without fully realizing it, I was taking a snapshot of that small piece of evening and I keep it close and revisit it often. It may not have registered to anyone else there, honestly, but I love it because it was familiar and sweet and safe and easy. Long Live also has a special, all-encompassing meatball significance, for obvious (and maybe not so obvious reasons) too, and I hold it close to my heart for that. Those sorts of moments are my Long Live moments. 

Anyway, my one greatest wish this year is that she plays it this July when Alicia and I see her perform at Nats Stadium. Pretty please, Taylor?