Could you just DIE with embarrassment even READING that word to yourself????

I could. 

I have a whole long list of words that I think are awful. Just awful, horrible sounding words and phrases that make my skin crawl when I hear them. Some - like "panties" even make me embarrassed to say or spell. I'll talk my way right around using the word "moist" in conversation. You know, like when your mother-in-law has made a cake for dessert. And it tastes great and isn't dry. What do you say? Delicious and moist?!?! 

I don't love the word pie. Most food-describing words are off limits. Yummy, decadent, delectable, lip-smacking, luscious (luscious may be the actual worst), buttery, supple - gross me out. My friends and I used to sit around the dinner table trying to casually include the most cringe-worthy lines we could think of into conversation. "Delicious spread of meats and cheeses" was one always sure to send us into hysterics. If you go to a party, and the hostess brings you into the kitchen and makes a grand sweeping gesture with her hands saying "help yourself to this delicious spread of meats and cheeses," well, I'd leave. She's probably going to murder you. It's psychotic. 

The flip side, though, are those words and phrases that sing to me because they're just so pretty. Feel free to add any you may like into your own list of words that make you happy. If you don't have a list of words that make you happy, I'd suggest you start one. Just in the notes section of your phone. Mine is titled "words and quotes". 




drowsy from heat


slow burn


fever dream



happily buzzed

move with a cool grace

lapping at the edge of consciousness

hazy shade of winter

syrupy drawl



existentially exhausted

devastatingly hip 

Aren't they GOOD? I just like looking at them - they're aesthetically appealing. They sound lovely when you say them out loud. They evoke exact, perfect feelings or mental images. After re-reading my list as a whole, I kind of think most of those words could be used to describe an acid trip or something but I'm kind of into that.