I'm a freelance writer and copywriter in the lifestyle space. I write about design, beauty, literature, fashion, astrology, natural wellness, food, travel and wine. 

My writing style is professional, conversational and engaging that's meant to connect to the reader in a genuine way. I enjoy interviewing industry leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs about their craft and then telling their story in a compelling way. I've interviewed celebrities-turned-wellness-gurus Jessica Alba and Whitney Port about their lifestyle brands and have attended my fair share of sound baths, aura readings and sensory deprivation tanks

My sixth grade teacher wrote to my parents on my final report card: "Megan is a writer. Make sure she continues writing." I have, in fact, been writing since then. I've also worked in an art gallery, opened two clothing stores and have done styling work for both fashion and bridal print publications. 

My cat is named Stormy.